Standard Farmer’s Market


Tuolumne County RCD is excited to announce they are coordinating the Standard Farms Market this year (formerly known as the Peaceful Valley Farmers Market).  We have rallied many of the previous vendors, and we have some new growers and merchandisers as well.  You won’t want to miss a Friday this year with lots of events and music planned.

The first market will start May 3rd at 4:00pm.

Yes!  We have a line up of live music planned for the entire season.  Make an evening out of it.  We will have food trucks for dinner, and the Game room will be sure to keep the kiddos entertained. The adults can even enjoy a grown up beverage from their café while they shop.

Don’t miss out!


Vendor Application

Check out the bands!

Here is our line up so far:

5/3 – Lelani and the Distractions

5/10 – Brew Baker

5/17 – Swing Gitane

5/24 – Nicholas Lefler

5/31 – Vinny and Qino


6 Great Reasons to Visit a Farmers market:

  1. Taste Real Flavors of locally grown, fresh picked produce.
  2. Enjoy the season – different varieties of food become available at different times of the year. Come see what tasty nuggets are in season.
  3. Support Family Farmers – Many of our growers are from small farms from Tuolumne County. These are the folks who’s kids play soccer with your kids.  Support them by making this your main stop for healthy options to find in your kitchen.
  4. Protect the Environment – Food in the U.S. Travels and average of 1,500 miles to get to your plate. That is a ton of gas (cough) and packaging, no pun intended.  One more reason to feel great about your locally sourced purchase.
  5. Know where your food comes from.
  6. Connect with your community – say hi to your neighbor while you are there.