CEQA Filing – Silver Spur Fuel Reduction Project

Signed Silver Spur NOE

The Tuolumne County Resource Conservation District (TCRCD) acting as the Lead Agency, will implement fuel reduction activities to improve the protection of communities and public and private lands from fire while protecting environmental, natural, and cultural resources.  The project will reduce fuel loads in an oak woodland forest in the Silver Spur Drive area with the goal of providing landscape level fuel reduction treatments.  The project site would best be described as oak woodland. The objective of the project is the reduction of brush, suppressed and intermediate trees, and surface fuels such as fallen trees.

Treatment activities will consist of mastication of surface fuels, brush and trees less than 12-inches diameter at breast height (dbh) to achieve a target spacing of approximately 25-feet between trees. The project will also include hand treatments of brush and small trees. Hand treatments will include hand cutting, piling and burning, or chipping of brush, small trees and surface fuels. Hand treatments will occur around buildings, infrastructure, rocky areas, or isolated steep slopes. 

Filed with Tuolumne County 11/23/22
SCH 2022110573