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Working Alternatives Toward Efficient Resource Use


Below are links to each of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) on display in our mobile WATER learning lab:

Rainwater Harvesting

Greywater for Laundry

Greywater for Showers and Sinks

Coming Soon   . . . . .   Stormwater & Mechanical Water



Upcoming Events:

Greywater Workshop - Saturday April 30th in Groveland

Greywater Workshop - April 30th <<< Flyer!

Water Conservation Professionals Forum - May 5th 2-4pm Manzanita Bldg. Mother Lode Fairgrounds

Water Conservation Professionals Forum <<< Flyer!

Stormwater Workshop   -  May 14th @ Mountain Sage Nursery in Groveland

Wild and Scenic Film Festival (Water) - May 14th @ Mountain Sage Nursery in Groveland

Sierra ECOSummit  -  June 11th @ Mountain Sage Nursery in Groveland


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